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Introducing the ALI Creative Learning Membership Program

ALI is an educational program under the AvanguardLIVE that provides a streaming and membership platform with all access to the the AvanguardLIVE and ALI classes + member benefits such as exclusive webinars and exclusive Instructor mentorship.

By being a member of the ALI Exclusive Network of Learners and Instructors, you get access to all AvanguardLIVE and ALI exclusive classes, mentorship and direct access to instructors, private and group mentorship, job postings and offers, exclusive benefits and features, and low costs on our platform and added value services


Pay a one-time membership fee and get free monthly premium  subscription on the ALI platform until March 31, 2017. 
Features & benefits

1. HD availability
2. Unlimited Access to all ALI and AvanguardLIVE Classes
3. Unlimited Access to all Master Classes*
4. Chat Support
5. Free Premium Direct Message to Instructor*
6. Access to Private Mentoring
7. Access to the ALI Network Bulletin Board
8. Discounts on all partnered items
10. Free access to workshops & seminars
11. Free priority access as a AvanguardLIVE  studio audience
12. Free access to the AvanguardLIVE Live Stream Classes
13. Expanded Learning Avenue (ELA) opportunities
14. Access to exclusive e-books & reading materials
15. Access to hands-on training
16. Access to all devices with the ALI app and streaming website*
17. Cancel subscription anytime

*Coming Soon

Take advantage of our PREMEMBERSHIP promo and get half the price of our membership fee and get free subscription and unlimited access to all AvanguardLIVE and ALI classes until December 31, 2017!

By joining our platform as early as now, get all the premium benefits for free until the ALI platform and app is officially released by January 2018.

Join a network and community of creative learners and instructors and get unlimited access to all ALI and AvanguardLIVE Live Classes and Master Classes!

One-time Membership Fee: Php1,299
Monthly Subscription Fee starting January 2018:

Standard: Php299
Pro: Php399
Premium: Php499