Architect Manuel Noche is an Architecture Professor at the University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture. He has been teaching Architecture for over 27 years. Architect Noche teaches Design, History, and Urban Planning .

He is currently the principal Architect of Arconic, an architectural firm that has developed numerous project such as the currently-being-planned Davao Coastline and Port Development project. 


17 Master Classes

In this 3-hour class, learn the fundamentals of succeeding as an architect in the real world. Learn architecture like you've never been taught before.

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Chapter 1

I. Teaching Yourself
II. Fundamentals of Learning Architecture
III. Continuous Practice
IV Art or Science?

Chapter 2

I Creating A Concept
II Getting Inspiration
III Designing For Clients
IV The Design Process

Chapter 3

I. The First Step
II. Case Study A: Professional Mindset
III. Case Study B: Dealing With Clients

Chapter 4

I. Working With An Employer
II. Qualifications
III.Benefits of Working With An Employer
IV.Maximizing Employment
V.Traits of a Good Emplyer
VI. Working With A Mentor
VII. Leadership
VIII. Choosing Your Employer
IX. Collaborating With Your Mentor

Chapter 5

I. Working Independently As A Freelancer or As An Employer
II. Challenges of Working Independently
III. Letting Employees Go
IV. Ensuring Success of an Architectural Business
V. Defining Success
VI. Building A Client Base
VII. Choosing Your Path

Chapter 6

I. Working With Clients
II. Working with different types of clients

Chapter 7

I. Starting With projects
II. Building A Brand Through Design Competitions
III. Working on Projects Independently
IV. Working On Projects With A Team
V. Working With Other Industry Professionals
VI. Overcoming Adversities
VII. Leading A Project

Chapter 8

I. Leadership

Chapter 9

I. Disciplining Yourself: Setting Rules
II. Knowing When to Break The Rules

Chapter 10

I. Client Relationship 

Chapter 11

I. Personal Taste, Style and Technique
II. Personal Style
III. Being Different
IV. Strategy For Success: Communication

Chapter 12

I. Architecture As Art Form
II.Architecture As A Work of Art

Chapter 13

I. Career And Life

Chapter 14

I. Life As An Artist
II. Advice To An Architect

Chapter 15

I. The Business of Architecture

Chapter 16

I. The Art of Teaching
II. AvanguardLIVE Master Class

Chapter 17

I. Conclusion

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