ALI Creative Learning Instructor Partner Program

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Introducing the ALI Creative Learning Instructor Program

ALI is an educational program under the AvanguardLIVE that provides a streaming and membership platform with all access to the the AvanguardLIVE and ALI classes.

The ALI Creative Learning Instructor Program allows industry professionals from all location to teach, contribute, and earn from producing self-made quality classes. See poster below for more information.

Submission Requirements:
1.  One 3-5 minute video class about your main topic
2. One 3-10 minute video class about your subtopic

These two video requirements constitute as one entry. Fill out the form below to see list of main topics and corresponding subtopics.

Technical Requirements:

1. 1920x1080 or 1280x720 video at 30fps 5mbps bitrate
2. Horizontal Video
3. Format: mp4
4. Video Codec: H.264
5. Audio Codec: AAC
6. Audio Birtate: 128kbps

Get full details via Email once
application form is submitted

Download the Instructor Toolkit & Guidelines here

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