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Avanguard stands for a group of people who are the leaders of the art movement. AvanguardLIVE and all its sister companies envisions a community driven by leaders. At Avanguard, we train and develop future leaders who one day would create an impact in the world. 

As tech-savvy and media-driven professionals, we use our skills and talents to change lives, one at a time. AvanguardLIVE is an avenue of learning and we work hard to further teach and educate our on-site and off-site audiences who could one day be an expert in their endeavors.

We are a company that bridges gaps that would connect people. Communication and interaction is the form of medium that we use to connect speakers with students, connect clients to their audiences, and connect people with one another. AvanguardLIVE uses various creative and technical inputs that would provide useful and essential outputs that people could use in their everyday lives. We move mountains and we would love for you to be a part of our team.

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Current Job Openings at AvanguardLIVE

Education Director
AvanguardLIVE strives to acquire the best instructors and quality classes to provide thousands and millions with education that is relavant, timely, of high value, and can further develop the skills of the students. 

As an Education Director, the primary role is to ensure the quality of these classes and speakers and to develop further learnings in the creative industries.

AvanguardLIVE is looking for professionals who have a vast knowledge in the disciplines of multiple creative fields such as Photography, Film & Video, Art & Design, Music & Entertainment, and Business & Entrepreneurship as well as the histories and theories of these courses.

The primary role of the Education Director is to:

1. Direct and guide and development of these educational classes.
2. Curate and analyze content submission for approval and release.
3. Analyse data and insights to create specific courses for small groups
4. Provide and create timely content to further add educational value to AvanguardLIVE
5. Oversee the overall quality of the class contents, data, and student behavior towards every class.
6. To work closely with the speakers & instructors, marketing and accounts, and directors to ensure the value of every class
7. Create and develop course outlines and topic lists

To qualify, you must have:

1. Experience in teaching at an academe
2. A Master's Degree in any multimedia-related courses
3. Good leadership, vision, and direction
4. Excellent ability to communicate, present, and develop relationships
5. Must be knowledgeable in the modern use of technology
6. A strong vision for the future of education

Marketing Director
AvanguardLIVE strives to reach as much students as possible to allow our platform's services of convenience, accessibility, and affordability to be utilized by all creative learners for their further develop of education.

As a Marketing Director, the primary role is to create and develop marketing campaigns, lead the company's development in the marketing aspect, and to reach the proper students.

AvanguardLIVE is looking for professionals who have a good knowledge in the disciplines of multiple creative fields such as Photography, Film & Video, Art & Design, Music & Entertainment, and Business & Entrepreneurship.

The primary role of the Education Director is to:

1. Development and implementation of the Brand strategy.
2. Developing the marketing strategy for new and existing classes
3.Overseeing implementation of the Marketing strategy - including campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR.
4. Working closely with the company’s Sales team and Education team; enabling them to meet their commercial objectives by providing them with appropriate tools, materials and presentations
5. Guiding the day to day activities of the marketing team.
6. Ensuring that the marketing objectives are implemented by the marketing team.
7. Work closely with product management team to define marketing materials and programs.
8. Manage social media presence and direct programs to improve social media reputation and recognition.
9. Developing and delivering marketing and communications strategies for the organisation.
10. Undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment and consumer trends

To qualify, you must have:

1. Bachelors or Masters degree in Marketing
2. Strong vision for the future of education
3. Proven track record of success in senior marketing roles.
4. Confident, driven and dynamic leader.
5. Entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to spot original branding opportunities.  
6. Excellent communication and leadership skills

Marketing & Sales Executive
AvanguardLIVE is looking for professionals who have good execution skills and problem solving capabilities to assist and develop all campaigns and marketing direction by the Marketing Director.

The primary role of the Marketing and Sales Executive is to:

1. Develops and implements strategic marketing plans and sales plans and forecasts to achieve company objectives for products and services.
2. Develops and manages sales/marketing operating budgets.
3. Plans and oversees advertising and promotion activities including print, online, electronic media, and direct mail.
4. Develops and recommends product positioning, packaging, and pricing strategy to produce the highest possible long-term market share.
5. Achieves satisfactory profit/loss ratio and market share in relation to preset standards and industry and economic trends.
6. Ensures effective control of marketing results, and takes corrective action to guarantee that achievement of marketing objectives falls within designated budgets.
7. Oversees and evaluates market research and adjusts marketing strategy to meet changing market and competitive conditions.
8. Monitors competitor products, sales and marketing activities.
9. Establishes and maintains relationships with industry influencers and key strategic partners.
10. Guides preparation of marketing activity reports and presents to executive management.
11. Establishes and maintains a consistent corporate image throughout all product lines, promotional materials, and events.
12. Directs sales forecasting activities and sets performance goals accordingly.
13. Directs staffing, training, and performance evaluations to develop and control sales and marketing programs.
14. Directs market channel development activity and coordinates sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals.
15. Represents company at trade association meetings to promote product.
16. Meets with key clients, assisting sales representative with maintaining relationships and negotiating and closing deals.
17. Coordinates liaison between sales department and other sales related units.
18. Analyzes and controls expenditures of division to conform to budgetary requirements.
19. Assists other departments within organization to prepare manuals and technical publications.
20. Prepares periodic sales report showing sales volume, potential sales, and areas of proposed client base expansion.
21. Reviews and analyzes sales performances against programs, quotes and plans to determine effectiveness.
22. Directs product research and development.

To qualify, you must have:

1. Communication Proficiency.
2. Customer/Client Focus.
3. Excellent Leadership Skills.
4. Creative Presentation Skills.
5. Problem Solving/Analysis.
6. Results Driven.
7. Excellent Strategic Thinking.
8. Good Technical Capacity.

Product Development Manager
As AvanguardLIVE and ALI have a vast variation of current and future classes, the company seeks to further develop its classes, features, and benefits for all its students, members, and instructors.

AvanguardLIVE is looking for professionals who have good strategic thinking and deep understanding of the market needs. As product developer, it is the professional's primary role to sustain and retain existing members through various developments of classes, programs, incentives, and opportunities.

The primary role of the Product Development Manager to:

1. Determines customers' needs and desires by specifying the research needed to obtain market information.
2. Recommends the nature and scope of present and future product lines by reviewing product specifications and requirements; appraising new product ideas and/or product or packaging changes.
3. Assesses market competition by comparing the company's product to competitors' products.
4. Provides source data for product line communications by defining product marketing communication objectives.
5. Obtains product market share by working with sales director to develop product sales strategies.
6. Assesses product market data by calling on customers with field salespeople and evaluating sales call results.
7. Provides information for management by preparing short-term and long-term product sales forecasts and special reports and analyses; answering questions and requests.
8. Facilitates inventory turnover and product availability by reviewing and adjusting inventory levels and production schedules.
9. Brings new products to market by analyzing proposed product requirements and product development programs; preparing return-on-investment analyses; establishing time schedules with engineering and manufacturing.
10. Introduces and markets new products by developing time-integrated plans with sales, advertising, and production.
11. Determines product pricing by utilizing market research data; reviewing production and sales costs; anticipating volume; costing special and customized orders.
12. Completes operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results..
13. Executes and retains memberships and students through various product and benefit-related programs

To qualify, you must have:

1. Strong Vision for Educational Products
2. ExcellentPeople Management
3. Deep Understanding for CustomerNeeds
4. Symphatetic, Passionate, and Great Caring for People
5. Excellent Product Development Visions
6. Good Analytic Skills
7. Good Pricing Strategies
8. Good Planning Skills
9. Competitive Analysis
10. Knowledgeable in Sales Planning
11. Has Keen Eyes for Details and Inventory Control
12. Knowledeable in Financial Planning and Strategy

Video Production Manager
AvanguardLIVE is as well a media production company that requires regular production of materials and contents for classes, marketing, communication, and company AVPs

AvanguardLIVE is looking for professionals who have good understanding in the video production process and the operation and execution of these production works.

The primary role of the Video Production Manager is to:

1. Understand the technical processes involved in television production, including camera, lighting, sound and editing
2. Know how to ensure that all necessary licences and clearances have been obtained for a production
3. Have highly developed communication skills 
4. Have strong problem-solving skills
5.  Be able to work effectively, and with diplomacy and sensitivity, with all members of the production team, and with Actors, other contributors, and members of the public
6. Have advanced analytical skills
7. Have strong budgeting and financial skills
8. Pay precise attention to detail and have a methodical approach to work
9. Have excellent organisational skills
10. Be able to conceptualise ideas
11. Know the essentials and fundamentals of camera operations and basic editing

To qualify, you must have:

1. Bachelor's Degree in Film, Communication Arts, or Broadcasting
2. ExcellentPeople Management
3. Deep Understanding for Production Work
4. Symphatetic, Passionate, and Great Caring for People
5. Excellent Creative Visions
6. Excellent Leadership Skills
7. Good Planning Skills
8. Good Budget Planning Skills

For interested applicants, please send your CV and resume to and to with the following information:

Last Name
Mobile Number
Email Address
Position Applying For
Short introduction
LinkedIn Profile (if any)
Website (if any)
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Teach. Learn. Grow. Earn.

AvanguardLIVE envisions a community full of leaders and well-respected professionals. AvanguardLIVE curates and screens its speakers and lecturers to ensure that the utmost quality of education and learning is achieved. The company takes great care in achieving its vision of being and forming leaders in the creative industry.

We value our speakers as much as we value our audiences. As co-collaborators of this project, we provide our speakers with the right tools and opportunities to further expand and develop their own businesses and career. The company ensures that all parties involved in this project takes something home in return.

Want to be a speaker? Get in touch with us and we'll show you a world of opportunities.

Live Speaker

Instructor Partner

1. Teach and speak infront of a live studio and internet audience
2. Teach a full class of at least 90 minutes
3. Be seen as an industry leader
4. Reach up to 500,000 people per class
5. Free promotion during the live broadcast
6. Student access to pay-per-view classes
7. Enjoy full membership benefits
8. Earn points
9. Earn up to $1000* passive income per class

1. Create & produce your own class content
2. Teach a short class of 3 to 15 minutes
3. Unlimited submission
4. Enjoy membership benefits
5. Earn points
6. Earn up to $100 per approved video submission
7. Earn up to $20 per approved article/blog submission

Master Class Instructor

1. Teach a closed-set class with high production value
2. Teach an in-deoth full class of at least 4 hours
3. Be seen as an industry master
4. Create a legacy from teaching
5. Classes are distributed via DVDs and online
6. Student access to premium pay-per-view classes
7. Enjoy full membership benefits
8. Earn points
9. Earn up to $7,000* passive income per master class



Watch. Learn. Interact. Grow.

Studio audiences get full access to our classes. Studio audiences are either selected randomly from a list of interested participants, selected by the speaker, or selected according to the topic. Either way, anyone has an opporunity of interacting with our guest speakers in person. Best of all, it's for free!

Studio audiences have full access to our online classes even before it is released to the public. To show our appreciation, aside from providing our studio audiences a free seminar to watch, listen, interact, and learn from our speakers, get free consultation, and special access to freebies, we provide our studio audiences personal access to our behind-the-scenes and off-air materials even before it is released to the public. We also give special promos and discounts to our premium items for the classes our audience have attended.

Studio audiences must submit an application for consideration. As with our speakers, we ensure that our audiences are optimized for interaction and learning. As we shall only provide limited seats to our studio seminars, we would like to ensure that the seats given are to those who are best willing to learn from and interact with our speakers.
AvanguardLIVE presents numerous opportunities to its speakers, to its live audience, to its online students, and of course to its team members. Find your career opportunities here at AvanguardLIVE.

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