AvanguardLIVE was founded by Avanguard Creatives director and owner Jaggy Gangat and was co-founded by Ian Gabriel Valerio, Alyza Bengala, and Ellene Cubelo. 

Together, the AvanguardLIVE team aims to bring education closer to people by bringing it more available and accessible to the public through media and technological advancements in the digital age.

AvanguardLIVE envisions a community of well-educated people in the creative and arts industry where the potential for change lies in each individual.

Aside from bringing education closer to people, Avanguard pushes its limits to develop effective leaders in their respective  niches firstly in the creative and arts industry and slowly to follow soon in other industries.

Avanguard stands for A group of culturally-advanced people who are the leaders of the art movement.