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AvanguardLIVE is an online learning platform dedicated to providing live webinars from top professionals in the creative industry.

AvanguardLIVE bridges the gap between professionals and learners by connecting various speakers from various creative industries such as Photography, Film & Broadcasting, Video Production, Fine Arts & Advertising, Music, Art & Design, Architecture, and Business & Entrepreneurship.

It provides free live seminars where students and speakers can interact in real time.



Take your classes anytime, anywhere on any modern device. Download our classes and save them on your mobile phones, laptops, or tablets or simply subscribe to our platform and get unlimited access to all our classes with our streaming platform. Coming soon.



Learn  & master the fundamentals of photography from the basics up to the advance lessons from different genres and types of photography

Learn  & master the fundamentals of filmmaking and video making from the basics up to the advance lessons from music videos to wedding videography to filmmaking and commercial AVPs

Envision your craft and the world around you as a designer. Shape and mold how people see the world with these classes from graphic design up to architecture

Take your careers to the next level by turning your creative passions into a career with this business and entrepreneurship course. Make a living out of what you love.

Love selling other people's stories? Learn how to create effective and life-changing advertisements with these classes

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Learn from master musician and how you can develop your skills to express your thoughts through music.

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Recent Classes

  1. Dee Asuncion: Basic Tips For Posing Your Model
    Class preview of Dee Asuncion's Portrait Photography Class
  2. Arch. Manolo Noche: Introduction & Life After Architecture
    Class preview of Arch. Manolo Noche's Live Master Class
  3. Independent Filmmaking Master Class with Director Dodo Dayao
    Preview of Director Dodo Dayao's Master Class
  4. Wedding Videography with Jason Magbanua
  5. Ali for Professionals ep1: How To Start Your Creative Business
  6. Ali for Professionals ep 2: On Leadership and the Power of Value



  1. Beauty Tips with Bianca Umali
  2. [Behind the Scenes] The Art of Beauty
  3. Getting to know Bianca Umali
  4. Getting to Know Joed Barallas
  5. [Behind The Scenes] Joel Mataro
  6. Getting To Know Joel Mataro
  7. Lura Luyon: How To Start Commercial Modeling
    Class preview of Lura Luyon's Commercial Modeling class.
  8. Lina Peralejo: Sewing and Lock Machine
    Class preview of Handmade Dance Wear with Lina Peralejo .
  9. Neil Sael - Preparing For A Shoot
    Class preview of Neil Sael's Music and Portrait Photography class
  10. Richard Gatmaitan - Natural Light Portrait
    Class preview of Richard Gatmaitan's Outdoor Portraiture Class
  11. Brian Villanueva - Understanding The Holy Trinity
    Class preview of Brian Villanueva's Basic Photography Class
  12. Jasper Lawan - How To Produce Your Music Video
    Class preview of Jasper Lawan's Music Video Production Class
  13. Jorel Lising - The Advertising & Commercial Production Process
    Class preview of Jorel Lising's Commercial Directing and Filmmaking Class
  14. Emmanuel Zosa - How To Be An Effective Editor
    Class preview of Emmanuel Zosa's The Rhythm of Editing Class
  15. Jason Magbanua - Planning
    Class preview of Jason Magbanua's Wedding Videography class
  1. Jaggy Gangat
    Jaggy Gangat
    President and Director
  2. Ian Valerio
    Ian Valerio
    Vice President for Sales & Management
  3. April Alcantara
    April Alcantara
    Researcher & Segment Producer